Fanny Josefsson


Very short

Swedish copywriter at Deutsch New York.

Ex-Miami ad School, here via Stockholm, Berlin and London.




Born a relatively long time ago in Stockholm on Sweden's soft underbelly to a proud line of Swedish farmers, Fanny grew up with three TV channels and heaps of patterned tights. Most of her time was spent pretending she was a knight in the forest behind kindergarten. She did sport a blond medieval-page haircut so it was all quite believable.

Time passed. Fanny learned Spanish, lived in France, worked random jobs, studied architecture and successfully dropped out. She followed her slowly melting Swedish heart and moved to Berlin, where she found Miami Ad School.

These days she gets her kicks from awkwardly being herself in an office environment, enjoys reading pretentious books on the M train and coming up with sweet nothings to whisper in people's ears. She writes them down instead, because she’s not a creep.

Fanny has a young face, but don’t let it fool you. Once on a date, she was told she had the wisdom of an 80-year-old. Her insides are aged like fine wine. She doesn’t know anything about fine wine though, she’s allergic.

She does not normally talk about herself in third person, because she’s not a king. She would love to chat.

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